Our team of reprographic experts are able to consult on the most complex digital artwork preparation techniques.
Illustrator® CS6, Photoshop® CS6, InDesign® CS6 Are just a few of the design  packages our artists are trained to use.

Being Versatile Gives Us The Edge

We understand that not every business model works or runs at the same pace.
We’re are a small cog in a much larger machine, it turns slower in some areas faster in others, we’ve  adapted to fit in, learn to be patient and be available to give our advise regarding branding at any stage in the design and manufacture of the garment.

It’s who we are

Over 25 years experience and knowledge of printed heat-seal transfer systems, all dedicated and tailor made to provide the best solutions to our valued customers. When in doubt contact the experts of TreKo.

Trusted Supplier

We provide specialist heat applied products and services that can save your organisation time and money. They all offer exceptional value for money, with outstanding quality, and ecological certification.

Garments and Fabric change, we’re already one step ahead waiting

Today’s working environment is changing with every season, garments are becoming part of a company statement and identity,  when it comes to reproducing a customers logo for a new project its not always about making their staff look the same as before, its about showing the possibilities of new branding and garment ideas, our customers then have the edge over the competition.

What Makes Us Different

No other supplier designs, develops and manufactures bespoke branding systems tailored directly to your fabric and your customers needs.

Why Choose Our Products

Our flame retardant transfers have certificates to over 15 individual flame retardant fabrics. We strive to perfect and deliver the very best product all with safety in mind.

From Insight To Action

We offer a range of consumables, from plotter sheets to football numbers that can give you and your organisation the power to make its own choices in new fields.

Innovation For The Future

Creating partnerships with Universities and fashion houses means the talent of today, develops fabrics and branding solutions for tomorrow.

Research & Development

Future Textiles

With a growing portfolio of products and an increasingly comprehensive range of services our investment in Research and development is more important than ever.
Textiles composition changes and thats why were constantly developing new products.

Health and safety

Factory environment

Safety in the workplace is paramount to the continued success of our company, members of staff are given continued training when dealing with all aspects of a factory environment.

We are Trusted


TreKo is a trusted and well respected European partner within many industries including the leading industrial laundries and garment manufacturers. Not only do we respect the need for confidentiality for our customers we also understand the need for trust.

Certified Products

EN ISO 11612 2008 / ISO 6330 2012 / EN ISO 11612 2008

We are Creative


We pride ourselves on the creative talent within our company
Our team approach every job individually and believe our success comes from being a partner with our brands; creating compelling solutions that tailor there needs.

Investors in People

Equality for all

TreKo is an equal opportunities employer with a proven track record within our apprenticeship program. Investing in new tallent insures we continue to be the leading printers within the branding industry.


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Mike Smith

Managing Director UK / Factory Manager Germany


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Sales Director / Proxy Holder


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Sales Manager Spain


Robin Beecroft

Factory Manager UK


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European Sales Assistant


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Sales Assistant Germany