Eco W60

Eco W60 is the right product to choose, if you are looking to overcome printing onto garments that contain or have problems with elasticity, dye migration and
breathable properties.

Breathable Technical Fabrics

As with all sportswear fabrics, movement and stretching of the print is just one of the most important factors when choosing your decoration method.

If you are relying on the fabric to perform at its best then you will need a product that matches it capabilities. Our sportswear transfer system Eco W60 is the most durable sports print on the market and has been designed to stretch and breath along with the garment, keeping its colour, shape and natural feel for longer.

When Only The Best Quality Will Do

• Low application temperatures from (140°C), results in the elimination of sublimation bleed-through
• Opaque print and fantastic vibrant colour range including real gold and silver matching capabilities
• Pantone matching of colours
• Ease of garment application

Key Benefits Of Eco W60

Used Exclusively By Major Sports Clubs

Exclusive dye blocking capabilities of Eco W60 will ensure no colour from the garment will bleed through ruining the design. Major sports brands now include Eco W60 in their portfolio of trusted performance products.

Print Longevity

Eco W60 sport will not crack, peel or fade and will in most instances out live the garment. The feel and texture of the print gives it a truly unique feel that blends into the garment fabric.

Low Application Properties

Low application temperatures from (135°C), results in Eco W60 being the best choice for delicate breathable fabrics that would normally scorch when applied, say goodbye to nasty heat press marks forever.

Garment Positioning

Printed on 100% clear hotpeel Polyester not only means a fast application time but the ability to position anywhere on the garment with pinpoint accuracy.