Weatherguard is the only product to choose, when printing nylon garments or sports bags with difficult application areas. Ultra quick release carrier gives you the ability to double print any area with ease. Low cost versatile transfer system with multiple application areas.

The All Weather Transfer

Many waterproof garments such as Rain jackets and Sports bags are impossible to screen print effectively and difficult to heat transfer due to the low melting point of the fabric.

Weatherguard has been developed to overcome this through its own low curing point. It’s also recommended for difficult sportswear fabrics such as Lycra and is ideal for applying to wetsuit materials such as neoprene. By printing a transfer for heat application rather than direct print you can take advantage of the fine detail achieved with heat seal transfers.

Versatility Simplified Into One Great Transfer

  • 100% nylon jackets
  • Swimwear
  • Lycra
  • Wetsuits
  • Ties
  • Most PU coated nylon
  • Sports bags
  • Umbrellas

Key Benefits Of Weatherguard

Never Turn Away Business Again

Being able to heat seal directly onto a multitude of garments successfully and professionally has never been as simple than using our Weatherguard transfer system.
Full Pantone colour matching service available with this product.

Proven Track Record of Over 20 Years

Over 20 years being the market leading transfer gives this system real pedigree.
Chosen by Mercedes Worldwide for all production and workshop staff shows just how respected our products are in the industry.

Low Application Properties

Low application temperatures from (135°C), results in Weatherguard being the best choice for Nylon and low melt fabrics that would normally scorch when applicated, say goodbye to nasty heat press marks forever.

Garment Positioning

Printed either on veg-parch paper or 100% clear hotpeel Polyester not only means a fast application time but the ability to position anywhere on the garment with pinpoint accuracy.